A Posse of Misfits

I came across this Instagram post, thanks to Swiss-Miss. This is a photo of Albert EINSTEIN, Edwin HUBBLE, Walter MAYER and others, standing at the Mount Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, California in 1931.

I don’t know the origin of the text in the image, but the “posse of misfits” phrase made me think of the idea that steel sharpens steel. A quick search landed me in the Bible (Proverbs) as an early source of the phrase, which was originally “iron sharpens iron…”.

So, Wha’ You Say?, by Ineacho O’GARRO

It reminds me that it’s important to find a tribe. Your tribe. Your band of humans, who support and challenge you — and you, them — so that you sharpen each other; thereby making the task of cutting a path through work and life, easier and more efficient. Making each other better, and filling each other’s gaps — which I believe, is one of the important responsibilities of friendship.


It’s probably not a coincidence that most (if not all) of the men in this photo, made significant contributions to the human body of knowledge during the course of their lives.

I also think it is no coincidence that they spent time together; likely collaborating in ways that made their own individual work and lives, better.

By Ineacho O'GARRO

Learning how to be.